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Heather is amazing and has a beautiful talent. Her readings for me are always spot on and I’ve experienced a lot Of what she predicted for me as well. If you need guidance or clarity on something I definitely recommend going to her!! You won’t regret it.

                      * Brita C. 

Had my first reading today. It was amazing. She’s very friendly and everything was validated that she spoke about. Left feeling better than I did when I arrived. I recommend everyone give it try.

                                    Connie H. 

If you ever get the chance to take a class with Heather , please do. I guarantee you will have a very insightful pleasant experience. She is very patient with any and all questions you may have and always makes sure you are confident with her answers. and did i mention its tons of fun?

                     Jamie S. 

I will admit I was skeptical and nervous, but Heather blew me away!! So much said that she could not possibly have known!! it was an amazing experience and I will be going again!! Thank you, Heather!! You have a wonderful gift!

                                                                                Joy A.

I was very skeptical and wasn't sure what to expect but I am so glad I reached out to Heather. She said things that she couldn't have possibly known and I feel so much peace now. Thank you so much again Heather.

                                Jennifer H. 

I went to the Backwoods Medium and she was amazing.Thank you for connecting me with my loved ones..I had questions that I need answered and she was able to give me that..If you get a chance go get a reading it was awesome..

                                             Tammy S. 

Heather is so amazing and beyond gifted! She had readings with both my husband and I and we were both in awe. We could not have asked for better readings. She had such detail in everything she shared with us. We were able to connect with loved ones who have passed and also talk about the future and gave us guidance. She knew things that nobody would have known about. My husband was a total non believer he had his guard up before going in but coming out he had a completely different mindset. We can't wait to see her again.        Alisha S. 

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